Motorcycle Defects and Recalls

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Sometimes, manufacturers find it necessary to recall products, and automobiles and motorcycles are some of the most common products that receive recall notices. The National Safety Administration or a product manufacturer may be responsible for issuing a safety recall, and it will be done because someone discovered that there is a defect in an automobile or in one of the vehicle’s parts. Everyone must know what is expected of them in a safety recall, and they must know what will take place when these things occur.

The Role of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Manufacturers

It doesn’t matter who issues the safety recall. The NHTSA or the manufacturer could make the announcement, but it will be the manufacturer’s responsibility to publicly state that a safety recall is in effect, and it must cover the following:

  • The defect that puts safety in jeopardy or an explanation of how the vehicle fails to comply with the federal motor vehicle safety standard
  • The population of those who own the vehicle or product
  • The reason the safety recall was instigated
  • How the problem will be addressed
  • The recall’s schedule

Those who manufacture motorcycles must notify everyone who owns a recalled motorcycle or a motorcycle with recalled parts. If the recall is for a particular vehicle, the manufacturers must compare those who purchased the vehicle to vehicles registered with every state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. If the recall is for equipment, manufacturers are required to let people in their distribution chains know about the recall if there aren’t any state registration records. They must also inform those who purchased the recalled parts.

In the event that your motorcycle or part is the subject of a recall, the manufacturer must repair the defect without charge. This is the case even if you do not receive notice that your motorcycle or part is the subject of a recall.

Federal law requires that manufacturers fix safety issues that are significant enough to be part of a safety recall, and it must be done without charging the owners of these vehicles. Each safety recall is monitored by the NHTSA to make sure that manufacturers are following the rules of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966. Under this law, manufacturers must offer consumers a safe and free remedy for the vehicle’s problem. The NHTSA regularly puts out a list of motor vehicle safety recalls where people find the make and model of the vehicle or equipment being recalled and a description of the safety issue.

Learning More about a Safety Recall

In order to learn the most up-to-date information on safety recalls, consumers may call the NHTSA’s Auto Safety Hotline at (888)327-4236. You can find out about a recall campaign or whether a particular car, truck or motorcycle has been the subject of a recall. Information on child safety seats can also be found here. You have the option of visiting the website at You can call this number to report a safety issue as well.

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