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The loss of the freedom you have riding a motorcycle should not be made worse by not hiring an experienced attorney to handle you motorcycle accident case.

Some motorcycle riders who have been in serious motorcycle accidents do not know where to go when they need to get advice on an attorney. Some rely solely on commercials and referral services. At a minimum, you should not rely on the advice of a non-attorney. Make sure you speak to an attorney directly associated with the firm and make sure they can tell you which attorney will be representing you.


The trauma of being in a motorcycle accident should not be made worse by making a bad decision on which law firm you choose.

Differences between car and motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle drivers are more vulnerable and exposed than auto drivers. Even a minor crash on a motorcycle at a slow speed can cause severe injuries. Meanwhile, the driver of a motor vehicle can usually walk away uninjured.

Those in motorcycle accidents often sustain more serious injuries, even death. It is not unusual for a motorcyclists injured in a wreck to need months of hospitalization. This will definitely account for much higher medical bills. Most motorcycle accidents require many surgeries and ongoing physical therapy. The medical costs caused by motorcycle injuries compared to auto accidents can be staggering. Motorcycle crashes usually cause extreme bodily injury and property damage. When the other motorist is at-fault, they are typically held responsible for the financial compensation.

All motorcyclists no matter the injuries should contact a Florida law firm and speak with an Orlando motorcycle accident attorney for the proper legal advice and guidance. Make sure you are talking to a firm that focuses on motorcycle injuries. If you are an injured motorcyclist, you need proper legal representation with a firm who understands the specific issues that pertain to motorcycle injuries. Orlando motorcycle accident lawyers will handle the processing of your claim. They will also call your insurance company. They can learn more about the bike rider's insurance policy and file an Orlando personal injury claim.

During this challenging time, the motorist needs to rely on their lawyer. Clients need a trusting lawyer-client relationship to handle their injury case.

Motorcycle Accidents and Insurance

A motorcycle crash can cause many problems like traumatic brain injury, severe burns, road rash and broken bones. The injured should not have to feel worse from making the wrong decision on which law firm to choose. The common cause of choosing a less aggressive firm or motorcycle attorney comes from a lack of knowledge. Get to know more about local law firms and about the state of Florida laws. Contact our firm today. When a motorcycle accident happens, speak to an experienced Orlando motorcycle accident attorney. Become familiar with Florida law and filing an accident claim.

If the court finds that the injured party is at no-fault, it may order the other driver to pay compensation. If they do not have insurance, it will make it challenging to make those payments. Florida’s No-fault insurance or Personal injury protection (PIP) law does not apply to motorcycles. Yet, Florida motorcycles do fall under the Financial Responsibility (FR) law. The FR law applies to all motor vehicles in Florida, including motorcycles, in the event of injury. Whether you live in Tampa or central Florida, this law applies. Most automobile crashes involving cars must prove a permanent injury to recover compensation. This is not the same for motorcyclists involved in a Florida motorcycle accident. Florida motorcycle riders do not need to prove permanent injury to receive compensation.

Motorcycle owners need to get insurance, but they do not have to get it from an insurance company. Instead, bikers can choose to insure themselves. They can get a Self-Insurance Certificate from the Bureau of Financial Responsibility. It is based on their net worth. Although motorcycles are dangerous and thrilling, they also come with unique legal challenges. Motorcyclists involved in a crash may end up with a personal injury lawsuit against them. Purchasing uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage is often recommended. Many drivers on Florida roads often drive without insurance. This can put you in a bad situation when an accident happens. It can leave motorcycle drivers without compensation for damages and medical expenses.

Bikers must also deal with parts and product liabilities. For instance, some motorcycle parts receive a recall because of product defects. Also, there are laws about wearing a helmet during the time of the accident. If the jury finds the motorcyclist at-fault, they must have motorcycle insurance. It needs to cover most aspects related to a motorcycle accident case.

If unsure, read testimonials and reviews of local insurance companies before choosing one.

What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

If ever injured in a motorcycle crash, follow a few simple guidelines about what to do after the accident.

The following details provide the useful information you need after an accident:

  • 1. The best thing to do after being in a motorcycle accident is to stay calm. Look around for injured loved ones and check those others involved in the car accident. Call 911 the second you know someone needs medical attention, including yourself.

    If there is a delay in receiving treatment, the other party may argue that your injuries are not their fault. They might say your injuries occurred between the time of the accident and the doctor's visit.
  • 2. File a police report in case it turns out that you have a claim. The written report contains essential details about what has occurred.
  • 3. Get insurance details and the other party's driver's license number.
  • 4. Take photographs or draw a diagram showing the details of the accident. If you cannot do it, ask an uninjured passenger to do it for you.
  • 5. If there is a witness, try to get the person to give you a telephone number or other contact information.
  • 6. Keep a financial journal of all medical bills, loss of earnings, and unpaid expenses.
  • 7. Do not admit fault to anyone.
  • 8.Call Kaufman & Lynd for a free case evaluation with a personal injury attorney. Your attorney may hire a professional investigator to sift through the paperwork.

    They will uncover insurance information and other facts to help your case.

Kaufman & Lynd Lawyers Are Here To Help After A Motorcycle Accident

The good news is that the lawyers at Kaufman and Lynd are here to help.

We have over forty years of combined experience, resources, and expertise to help you in your time of need.

Among the many ways we can help you:

  • Locate insurance coverage and identify defendants
  • Deal with insurance companies and gather essential information
  • Locate documents such as medical records, evidence, and police reports.
  • Inform you about the importance of filing a claim and will present the application.
  • Discuss your rights under the law and the process of a settlement
  • Build your case and fight for you.
  • We will keep you informed about the status of your case.

Motorcycle Accidents

To get the best help and legal representation for our team of lawyers at Kaufman & Lynd.

We are the law firm you need to get the compensation you deserve.

For instance, one of the motorcycle parts may have been recalled due to a product defect. In addition, laws are concerned about whether you were wearing a helmet during the time of the accident and which party is at fault.

Motorcycle Accidents

An injury caused by another motorcycle can cause serious health issues. Indeed, if you are ever injured by a motorcycle, you can count your lucky stars that you are still alive. It is important to follow a few simple guidelines about what to do after a motorcycle accident takes place.

The following details provide you with useful information you may need in case of an accident:

1. The best thing to do after being involved in a motorcycle accident is to stay calm. Call 911 the second you know that someone needs medical attention.
2. File a police report in case it turns out that you have a claim. The written report contains important details as to what has occurred.
3. Obtain insurance details and the other party's driver's license number.
4. Take photographs or draw a diagram showing the details of the accident.
5. If anyone has witnessed the accident, try to get the person to give you a telephone number or other contact information.
6. Keep a financial journal in which you list all medical expenses, loss of earnings and unpaid bills.
7. Call Kaufman & Lynd for a free case evaluation

How to Obtain the Help you Need

The good news is Kaufman and Lynd is here to help. We have over 40 years of combined experience and the resources to help you in a time of need. Among the many ways we will help you:

  • Locate the insurance coverage and identify defendants
  • Deal with insurance company
  • Locate documents such as medical records and police reports.
  • Build your case to show how and why the defendant was negligent

Question: Can I file a lawsuit against the other driver if I was not wearing my helmet at the time the accident occurred?
Answer: If another person is at fault, the law regarding whether to wear a helmet is not a crucial deciding point about your ability to win a claim. However, certain states may have laws limiting the amount of monetary recompense should the court determine that you were not wearing a helmet.

Question: Am I legally required to inform the police department that I was involved in a motorcycle accident?
Answer: You must file a written police report if the accident is serious or if it causes a substantial amount of damage.

Question: Who is at fault if a car makes a left turn in front of me?
Answer: If a car is making a left turn, the driver is nearly always deemed as the person who is at fault for causing the accident.

Question: Will I recover less monetary compensation if my employer provides me with paid health insurance?
Answer: No, it does not matter if you have health insurance that compensates you for injuries. However, the insurance company may have regulations insisting that it is reimbursed for any medical expenses directly related to your injury or injuries.


  • What happens if the medical bills from my motorcycle accident exceed the coverage offered by the liable driver’s insurance policy?

    That could be terrible for you, that is why we recommend that every motorcycle driver carries their own uninsured motor insurance to cover them in a situation like this.

  • How much compensation do I deserve after a motorcycle accident in Orlando?

    It depends on your actual injuries, normally an attorney will be able to give you an idea depending on the specifics.

  • If I did not wear a helmet at the time of my accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury, can I still pursue compensation for my injuries?

    Yes, you can. However, the other driver can claim that a percentage of your injuries because of your decision not to wear the proper safety equipment.

  • What should I do to protect myself after a motorcycle accident?

    Contact an attorney immediately and seek immediate medical attention.

  • The other driver’s insurance company contacted me and offered a settlement a few days after my accident. I need the money. Should I accept?

    Never discuss your accident before getting legal advice.

  • Should I file a personal injury claim immediately after my motorcycle accident?

    This should be something that your attorney should decide. However, normally notice is given within 30 days to the drivers insurance company.

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