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Guardianship Advocacy

Guardianship Advocacy allows you to obtain guardianship over an individual with an Intellectual Disability, Cerebral palsy, Spina bifida, Autism, Prader-Willi syndrome, or Down syndrome. This type of guardianship is a more limited form of guardianship that will allow you to make decisions for the individual, such as medical decisions, while the individual can still obtain many rights such as the right to vote or obtain a driver’s license.

Third-Party Special Needs Trusts

A Third-Party Special Needs Trust allows you and the rest of your family and friends to leave assets to your special needs individual while still leaving them eligible for many governmental programs and assistance. This part of Special Needs Planning is a great way to secure the individual’s financial future.

First-Party Special Needs Trust

A First-Party Special Needs Trust is an instrument that will safeguard your individual’s personal assets while still leaving them eligible for many governmental programs and assistance. This type of trust is a great option if the individual has received a settlement or an unexpected inheritance in their name.

Letter of Intent

This document is a roadmap for you to leave to someone that might one day obtain guardianship of the individual. It will include a brief explanation of the individual’s disability, their medical history, their daily routines, and other important information that any future guardian will need. While this step in Special Needs Planning is often overlooked, the importance of this document cannot be stressed enough. It will ensure that any potential future guardian will have all the pertinent information about how to best care for the individual and provide them with resources should they ever need assistance.

Relocation of Guardianship

After obtaining Guardianship of an individual, it is required to keep the Court up to date on their current residence. In some instances, approval is needed before you will be allowed to relocate this individual.

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