Electric Scooter Sharing Accidents

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Some people still do not take publicelectric scooters as seriously as they should. Instead, many will treat them like toys, when, in reality, they are motor-powered vehicles. If an e-scooter gets into an accident, it can cause severe injuries and even fatalities.

Electric scooter businesses like Bird, Lime, and Spinlike offer other ways to travel. You can now rent e-scooters from various spots around the towns of America. Through a smartphone app, you pay a small fee to ride around in these electric scooters. The technology is like ride-sharing apps (Uber and Lyft).

If you rent an electric scooter to move around town, use safety precautions. Even if they are not the fastest form of transportation, damage can occur.

Electric Scooter Sharing Crashes, and Insurance Issues

The top speeds for e-scooters are around 15 to 20 miles per hour. Although it is not high, it is fast enough to cause injuries. If the driver hits a rough patch in the road, a pothole, or an unexpected bump can send a person flying. Once he or she loses control of their electric scooter, a severe accident often follows.

The law mandates that automobiles maintain insurance, but most do not include e-scooters. This becomes a problem if a car hits the e-scooter, or if your e-scooter sideswipes a pedestrian.

Will Your Car Insurance Cover An E-Scooter You Rent?

Some believe their auto insurance will cover electric scooters, but this is not true. Thus, if you crash while using a rental scooter, your coverage will not pay for damages or medical bills.

Even if you own a scooter and have an insurance policy for it, this does not mean the coverage includes a public one.

If your vehicle swerves to avoid a person on an electric scooter and it crashes, you can try to put a claim on your policy. If collision coverage is on your insurance, it may help with paying repair fees on your vehicle. This will depend on your plan, your coverage limit, minus the deductible.

Your policy may also help pay for the medical fees of the electric scooter driver injured in an accident. But it is best to find out if this is the case with your insurance company before you rent a public e-scooter.

Also, consider the terms of use that e-scooter companies want riders to accept. Review the agreement to decide whether electric scooters are a good idea for you.

Some want drivers to accept all responsibility for losses and damages if a crash occurs. They often request consent before allowing the app to download.

Since insurance companies’ coverage does not include public e-scooters, some cities ban them.

Your Responsibilities After A Rented E-Scooter Crash

If you rent a scooter and end up in an accident, you may:

  • Pay out-of-pocket for property damage
  • Pay your own medical fees or of those of whom you injured
  • You may be liable for repairs.

Read over the terms and conditions of the user agreement before you rent a scooter in your town.

Learn what you are responsible for if your e-scooter crashes:

  • Most scooter-sharing companies will tell riders to wear their helmets. They also recommend they follow road safety rules and traffic laws.
  • Review ride safety tips to protect everyone on the road when driving a rented e-scooter.
  • Electric scooters come with insurance implications. Try to develop a plan if a crash occurs.
  • The law may even hold local businesses responsible for accidents with e-scooters. Owners in areas where there is e-scooter sharing should look into getting insurance. Drivers with injuries from debris left outside the company may end up receiving a suit.
  • Scooter-sharing companies will protect themselves with waivers and user agreements. They want to ensure their company will not be responsible for any damage or injuries from a crash.

Yet, if the accident results from poor maintenance, will the liability waiver still hold up? Courts will look at the fault (if any) of the scooter-sharing company that the injured party is suing. The evidence might influence the outcome of the case if proof of gross negligence exists. Yet there is no guarantee the court will or will not use the company's existing waiver.

If insurance policies begin covering e-scooters, it will feel safer to have them around. Policy companies need to catch up to include them. The list of items that receive coverage takes time to grow. Hopefully, the list will soon include e-scooters.

For now, the courts use traditional negligence laws when an e-scooter crash happens. Damage and fatalities that come from a collision will cause the injured party to want the at-fault party held accountable. The liability will belong to the at-fault driver or people sharing the fault for the crash.

Zipping around town on an e-scooter can be a lot of fun, but when a crash happens, the fun immediately stops. If a collision causes injury or property damage, contact a lawyer.  They can help you determine your options and who might be at fault. If applicable, they can also ensure you will receive fair compensation for your damages.

It may take time for lawmakers to make e-scooter insurance mandatory. Until then, e-scooter drivers must know their policy does not cover them before accepting any terms and conditions.

If you are seeking legal support, connecting with a personal injury attorney can help.

If your injuries are from an app-based  electric scooter accident, you might be able to sue for proper compensation from the at-fault party. It is worthwhile to consult an experienced attorney. He or she can offer advice on what to do in your circumstances and be the advocate you need in court.

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