Top Ten Ways To Get The Most Money From Your Car Accident Case

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If you are the victim of an automobile accident, you have the right to file a legal claim against the negligent party. Your lawsuit may have a greater monetary value if you follow these steps:

1. Speak with a car accident attorney. The lawyer will tell you how much money you can expect to win. Since every case is different, the legal counsel you receive from your lawyer will differ from the advice given to another client.

2. Call 911 immediately after an accident. After a doctor in the emergency room performs an examination, make an immediate appointment with your own physician.

3. Inform the physician about every pain and symptom. It does not matter if you only feel a small amount of pain in one part of your body. You still need to keep your doctor informed about everything pertaining to your condition. Your personal injury attorney will use these medical records as evidence of injuries incurred after the accident. Additionally, complaints and treatments recorded in your medical history will satisfy the insurance agent's requirement for written proof.

4. Keep all your appointments with the doctor and physical therapist. If the doctor or therapist recommend more office visits, set up the appointments before you leave the building. After suffering injuries resulting from a car accident, you will typically need physical therapy sessions approximately two to three times per week for several months. Visit your physician every month even if the doctor does not tell you to make an appointment.

5. Keep going to therapy sessions until you are completely rehabilitated. Your doctor will decide whether you need to have any more treatments. If it turns out that you recover during your legal proceedings, the amount of your settlement may decrease. Consequently, you may need to continue treatments until your lawyer reaches a settlement. If your injury is temporary, you may not have the legal right to receive monetary compensation.

6. If you need surgery, your case is automatically more valuable. However, you do not want to undergo a surgical procedure for the sole purpose of reaching a higher settlement amount.

8. If your doctor prescribes pain pills and also recommends therapy, make sure you attend the therapy sessions. Otherwise, you may end up with a significantly smaller settlement agreement.

9. Consult with a car accident attorney prior to speaking with an insurance agent. An insurance representative is not an attorney and does not file a lawsuit on your behalf. A personal injury lawyer is the person who fights on your behalf.

10. If you are able to work, continue working for as many hours a week as your health permits. Jurors generally approve of independent, courageous people. If you continue to work, you are more likely to win favor with the jurors.

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