Economic Recovery for Accidents and Injuries

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Depending on the damage, you might not want to take the court-route after an accident. Yet this does not reflect your need for justice or injury compensation. Like many others, you may lack awareness of your legal rights. You may have no idea if alternative options even exist, making your next legal move a challenge.

The last thing you want to do after any trauma is to investigate your accident or research the law. Undoubtedly, you need an experienced lawyer to help with your case. You must give yourself time to recuperate.

Once you receive treatment and your well-being stabilizes, file a claim. Your attorney will inform you of compensation called economic recovery or economic damage.


How Does Economic Damage Help Accident Victims?

As an accident victim, you may suffer from minor to severe injuries. The accident may cost you more than the loss of a significant amount of money. Your property, health, and lifespan are among the many other losses a victim suffers.

16 Examples of Losses Economic Damage Can Cover

Economic recovery can compensate accident victims for personal injuries:

  1. Disfigurement
  2. Future medical expenses
  3. Loss of society and companionship
  4. Lost earning capacity
  5. Mental anguish
  6. Pain and suffering
  7. Lost wages
  8. Permanent disability
  9. Household services
  10. Medical expenses
  11. Special damages
  12. Loss of enjoyment of life
  13. Vocational rehabilitation
  14. Therapy
  15. Property damage
  16. Out-of-pocket expenses


Depending on the accident and injuries, the medical treatment you receive can vary. You may need specific medications, rehabilitation, physical and emotional therapy. These and other treatments are expensive, and the costs can quickly pile up. Yet it is your health that you are focusing on now and not your finances. When the healing process begins, it is then that you can get a better understanding of all expenses involved.

But no matter how many operations, bandages, or stitches you get, they cannot fix all injuries. Sometimes, medical care for the pain you suffer on the outside and inside will stay forever. Although treatment can help, it does not always cure it. Mental anguish, quality of life, loss of movement, or death of a loved one, are irreparable.

Permanent pain exists. If you lose a loved one from the impact of an accident or from the injuries suffered from it, you need to receive economic recovery for this long-lasting pain.

As an accident survivor, in time, you will want to rebuild your life. Although the healing process is complicated, the difficulty level rises without receiving direct compensation for visible and non-visible scars.

The economic recovery may include medical costs from the past and for the future. These expenses may comprise the many medical bills that emerge from immediate to ongoing injuries caused directly from the accident. Having proof to show the court, i.e., medical invoices and reports, will help the judge determine what amount to award you and to ensure it is reasonable for the damages you suffer.

Having sufficient proof showing your need for further medical care and coverage for any future medical expenses is also essential. You may need to get a physician caring for your injuries to testify.

You absolutely need to prove every injury, damage, and loss. If you leave relevant information out of your claim, it will affect the economic recovery you can receive.

Make sure you do not solely focus on injuries, but to include what items or services you need to help you heal after the accident in the claim. Consider all minor to significant finances you require that can cover your lifestyle.



Include this information in your claim if you cannot recover the cost of your housekeeper’s wages. Since this would already be a part of your household budget, it needs to be in there. If the accident caused you to lose the ability to gain wages resulting from injuries, then you will need to get economic recovery for it.


To find out if you have all the items, information, and proof, you need to make a successful economic recovery case, contact a lawyer.


How to Receive Economic Recovery

If you can prove that your accident and injuries result from another person’s negligent behavior, you may be eligible for economic recovery.

To build a successful personal injury claim, you need to prove that all three elements exist:

  • Breach of duty
  • The actual and proximate cause
  • Damages

If you cannot prove all these factors, the defendant can defeat your lawsuit. With real and quantifiable damages, you can receive the financial impact of your injuries. Yet, the damage value does not change depending on the jury that evaluates them. To get the right amount, you must show a direct link between your injuries and the accident to recover damages.


Other plaintiff factors that the court will use to help determine whether to award economic recovery and its amount includes:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Life expectancy
  • Occupation
  • Talents
  • Skill
  • Experience
  • Training
  • Past earnings
  • The nature of injuries


How Much Money Can You Get from Economic Recovery?

Before filing a claim for economic recovery, check your state laws regarding this matter, and speak with a personal injury attorney to learn more about your situation’s specific financial recovery.

Differences in states regarding malpractice cases or victims suffering a traumatic brain injury from the accident can exist.

There can also be limits to the amount you can receive from economic recovery for a personal injury case. It often depends on the coverage limits of the defendant’s insurance policy.

Thus, if the insurance coverage limit is $50,000, you cannot sue the defendant for a million dollars. The amount must fall within their coverage amount.

To gain an idea of the financial amount of economic damages you may recover, connect with a certified lawyer.



Ensure you have an experienced attorney by your side who can help with filing an economic damages claim. He or she can represent you well in court and walk you through state laws and legal proceedings. A qualified lawyer presents you with the best chance of receiving adequate compensation for your suffering.

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